“Playing with Awareness” in Traverse City February 20-21

“Playing with Awareness”  February 20, 9:30am to 1:00pm

Join us as we play with our awareness and the objects and concepts that we bringpathways image in it. Led by Sokuzan and supported by SokukoJi Buddhist Community-Traverse City and early childhood educators from Pathways Preschool, this retreat will provide both children and caregivers strategies for developing and expanding their awareness in a playful and engaging way. Registration is $30, which includes one child and one adult; each additional child is $5.  If you have questions please contact Dan or Brittni at Pathways Preschool

Practice Day with Sokuzan in Traverse City on Sunday February 21, 9:00am to 4:00pm

SokukoJi TC alterThis day of practice will include a traditional Soto Zen morning service as well as meditation instruction and practice, and participation in “The Daily Dharma Gathering” as Sokuzan gives a Dharma talk from Traverse City for the Open Heart Project.  Lunch is provided.  There is no fee, but please donate generously to support the teachings as well as practice opportunity in Traverse City.  The practice day will be held in the zendo at Kozan’s house so space is limited.  Please reply here if you would like to attend

Half-way Measures

Sokuzan speaks about awareness and how to strengthen it by trying to focus on the space between the beginning of an action and the apparent ending of an action.

What is there to talk about?

Sokuzan speaks on a topic inspired by an email from a student. If we don’t have opinions or positions, if we don’t accept, reject or ignore, what is there to talk about?

Dogen: The Mark of Realization

Sokuzan speaks on questions that arose during daily book study of Dogen’s Shobogenzo.

Studying Dharma Books With Sangha

Sokuzan discusses the value of studying Dharma books in groups. Being exposed to different perceptions of the teachings expressed by others can deepen your own understanding.