“When You Believe Your Thoughts”

“The Teacher-Student Relationship” by Sokuzan, 07/05/2015

Sokuzan talks about deepening spiritual practice by supporting the teacher-student relationship.

What is Fundamental Truth?

What Is Fundamental Truth? 1/21/15 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.

Sokuzan’s abrupt answer “The fundamental truth is…..that you don’t exist!” is a means to turn the awareness back towards that which is aware to help you discover that who you though you were is discontinuous.

Saturday 05-09-2015

Meditation: Mundane or Spiritual?

Meditation: Mundane or Spiritual? 4/20/15 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.

Sokuzan gives this public talk on meditation to a diverse audience at Kirkbride Hall in Traverse City, Michigan.

Monday 04-20-2015

Don’t Dwell on Past Mistakes

Don't Dwell on Past Mistakes 3/8/15 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.

Sokuzan uses the sixth grave precept “No dwelling on past mistakes” as a support to awareness practice in training responsibility rather than blame.

Wednesday 03-18-2015