Sunday, November 13, 2016 – “Relationship Chemistry” – by Sokuzan

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Sokuzan talks about different tools that people use in working with relationships, like astrology, the I Ching, ritualized tantric forms, psychology… but the best tool you can use is to observe your own mind and find out who you are before you begin to understand the chemistry of relationships.

“When You Believe Your Thoughts”

“The Teacher-Student Relationship” by Sokuzan, 07/05/2015

Sokuzan talks about deepening spiritual practice by supporting the teacher-student relationship.

What is Fundamental Truth?

What Is Fundamental Truth? 1/21/15 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.

Sokuzan’s abrupt answer “The fundamental truth is…..that you don’t exist!” is a means to turn the awareness back towards that which is aware to help you discover that who you though you were is discontinuous.

Saturday 05-09-2015

Meditation: Mundane or Spiritual?

Meditation: Mundane or Spiritual? 4/20/15 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.

Sokuzan gives this public talk on meditation to a diverse audience at Kirkbride Hall in Traverse City, Michigan.

Monday 04-20-2015