Sunday October 15, 2017 – “Meditation IS Action” (Talk Three) – by Sokuzan

There is intense propaganda against the practice of sitting meditation. If you are a meditator, you may hear “why don’t you get up off the cushion and DO something?!” Meditation IS an extremely powerful and subtle form of doing something. You are actually witnessing the intricate machinery.

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Saturday October 14, 2017 – “That’s Not Pink” – by Sokuzan in Traverse City

“That is not pink” (Sokuzan is pointing to a painting). It is not about not naming, it is to see that the very naming, ever though it has pragmatic use, covers up the very thing you are endeavoring to communicate about. As soon as you label something you turn away from what you are labeling.

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Saturday October 14, 2017 – “That Is Pink” – by Sokuzan

“That is pink” (Sokuzan is pointing to a painting). Anytime we have an experience of anything, we add something onto it. That is pink, that is good, that is bad, it is this, it is that, we keep elaborating. It gives our sense of self credibility, a reference point that gives security against the imminent.

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Wednesday October 11, 2017 – “Meditation IS Action” (Talk Two) – by Sokuzan

“Why aren’t you doing something? Are you just going to sit there like a vegetable?” Have you ever had anyone say something like this about your meditation practice? Meditation IS action. It is sitting down and witnessing your own self-centeredness. See who you are so when you get up off the cushion.

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Sunday October 8, 2017 – “Meditation IS Action” (Talk One) – by Sokuzan

Someone who is working with their mind to stretch the awareness with the motivation to see what is fundamentally true, that intention goes along way. You become more and more fearless. You realize who you are, that nothing can really hurt you, so you extend yourself out.