Sesshin: Month’s End All-Day Sitting

02/24/2018 @ 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
SokukoJi Buddhist Temple Monastery
33 Anderson Court
Battle Creek, MI 49017

Morning Segment

Interview Protocol: Interviews with Sokuzan may begin in the morning. Please sign up on the whiteboard hanging in the kitchen. If you cannot stay for the entire sesshin and wish to have an interview, please note the time you will be leaving next to your name so arrangements can be made to accommodate your schedule.

Aside from the Morning Service, the morning segment will be Block Sitting. This means that there will be no gongs or scheduled walking meditation for this “block” of time. You may sit the entire period (not required) or, if you feel you need to, you can also do walking meditation on your own (slow kinhin style). Please feel free to use the restroom or get water or tea as needed and return to your cushion.

9:00 AM – Sitting (Chant Morning Service)
12:00 Noon – Lunch at A Taste of India – 215 W. Michigan Ave. Battle Creek (each diner pays for own meal)

Afternoon Segment
(Interviews with Sokuzan continue).

1:15 PM – Samu (Work) Session – (Gather in Zendo to bow in and receive work assignments)
2:45 PM – Break
3:00 PM – Sitting
3:30 PM – Walking
3:40 PM – Sitting
4:10 PM – Tea Break
4:30 PM – Sokuzan’s talk
5:30 PM – Supper at local restaurant (each diner pays for own meal)

Evening Segment
(Interviews with Sokuzan continue).

7:00 PM – Sitting (Chant Heart Sutra in English)
7:30 PM – Walking
7:40 PM – Sitting
8:10 PM – Walking
8:20 PM – Sitting
9:00 PM – Closing chants and final gong

(Try to enter when walking meditation is occurring if you can, but you may come and go as your own schedule permits).

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