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A Meditation Primer
by Sokuzan

Photo of Sokuzan's new book, "A Meditation Primer."“This small book of talks arose because there seemed to be a need to express and repeat what shikantaza, or just basically sitting, is all about. It is meant to reinforce, repeat, and help you dig a nice deep groove—in the awareness of how to do this, in the recipe of how to do this, in the protocol of how to do this. Just simply sit and observe.”

Coming from over forty years of study, practice, and teaching, Sokuzan introduces the simple discipline of the sitting practice of meditation. Whether you are new to shikantaza or have meditated for some time, the basic ‘recipe’ at the back of the book, the seventeen short meditation instructions, and the notes from his two talks, “Meditation Doesn’t Work,” Sokuzan’s approach can help inspire you in creating or continuing a daily meditation practice.

Now also available on Kindle!

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  1. Sokuzan’s book A Meditation Primer is simply wonderful. It may be a small book but it’s packed to brim, in fact I am still reading it ! I go slow. Thank you Sokuzan and others.

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