“The Ego Diet”

Dying and Death, A Closer Look

Join us in sangha as we contemplate and prepare for our own deaths. Sokuzan will give Dharma talks on dying, death and after death from Buddhist and other perspectives. Also, we will look together at some documents which define ahead of time how you would like to be cared for when you are no longer capable of making decisions for yourself. This will include advance directives, choosing a health care advocate, a living will and the “Five Wishes” document which is a commonly distributed advance directive template and does not necessarily support Buddhist practice without modifications.  We will also discuss caring for each other in sangha as we experience sickness, old age and death.  The cost is $20.00 for meals and materials.  Additional donations are greatly appreciated.  See announcement for more details. Contact Kozan to register.

“Meet Them in the Valley” by Sokuzan on Weds Aug 6th, 2014

“Meet Them in the Valley” by Sokuzan on Wednesday August 6th, 2014 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.

In this Dharma talk, Sokuzan encourages “meeting people where they are at” by strengthening awareness rather than preconceptions.

Upaya or Skillful Means

Sokuzan talks about how wisdom and skillful means work together using various images. He emphasizes the sitting practice of meditation or shikantanza and encourages people to not miss their life and be with whatever arises including negativity. He also talks about different ways of working with negativity sometimes personified as demons using the example of Milarepa and his upaya with his own demons.

Concepts and Beyond Concepts

Concepts and Beyond Concepts By Sokuzan Sun., Apr, 20, 2014 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.