Wednesday, July 26, 2017 – “Get Your Own Authority” – by Sokuzan

Look closely at your mind and see what authority is and you see that there really isn’t any authority. That’s how you get your own authority.

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Sunday, June 11, 2017 – “Names” – by Sokuzan

It is very possible to be in the state of not knowing. When something occurs, if we name it, it stops the investigation of “what is this?”. Our ego mind gets freaked out by not knowing so we clamp down on it and think “It’s this” and give our ego temporary respite. The more you have compassion, the less you will know about what’s going on with someone, including yourself. It is not necessary to stop naming, just see that you name but there is no one behind the naming.

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Sunday, May 14, 2017 – “Nerve Endings In The Mind ” – by Sokuzan

Have you noticed that the same nerve endings in in your skin sense texture that is soft or abrasive? It’s like the “nerve endings in mind”, but instead of just feeling texture we tend to tell a story about it. The minute you describe a feeling you abandon it, you miss your opportunity to see what it really is. Sit down and prioritize the awareness, the space in which things occur. If you look at the space you realize you can’t see space, but you change your allegiance from what occurs to the space itself.

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“Buddhist Rituals and Vows”

Buddhist Rituals And Vows 11-4-2015 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.

A talk about Buddhist vows and rituals, the way they are part of our practice, and the misconceptions that people have about them.

“Awareness is not an object”

Awareness Is Not An Object 10-28-2015 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.

A talk on the way awareness functions in relation to the 6 senses, and finding deeply what awareness is.