Sunday October 1, 2017 – “Rummaging Through Concepts” – by Sokuzan

We don’t even know what concepts are, what thoughts are. We know what thoughts do, they drive us crazy. When something triggers a feeling and we rummage through concepts to explain why something happens, what it is and what it’s about, constant chatter that is going in circles, you leave the original situation an opt for something else. Let concepts arise in your mind-stream in or with the awareness. You don’t have to stop thinking, but if you want to see the entire situation, you are probably going to need spiritual path.

Saturday, April 8, 2017 – “Don’t Believe Your Thoughts” – by Sokuzan in Traverse City, MI

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Don’t believe your thoughts. If you believe what you’re thinking and act on that, you enable that to keep going…and if you disbelieve your thoughts by pushing away or rejecting, that is a negative form of activity. So what do we do? Start by sitting down and witnessing the way in which you believe.

Sunday, December 18, 2016 – “Resurrecting Thoughts” – by Sokuzan

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Thoughts appear and then start to go away, but because there is something about the nature of thoughts that supports a self, an identity, an ego that just thinks about me, me, me, me and my stuff–or the nearest extension of me like my property, my children, my family–we go back over old things for some kind of resolution and bring them back to life, pumping fuel into them out of fear or desperation or insecurity. What should we do? In today’s talk, Sokuzan teaches the importance of prioritizing awareness to work with the entire situation.