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  • Sunday, December 18, 2016 – “Resurrecting Thoughts” – by Sokuzan

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    Thoughts appear and then start to go away, but because there is something about the nature of thoughts that supports a self, an identity, an ego that just thinks about me, me, me, me and my stuff–or the nearest extension of me like my property, my children, my family–we go back over old things for some kind of resolution and bring them back to life, pumping fuel into them out of fear or desperation or insecurity. What should we do? In today’s talk, Sokuzan teaches the importance of prioritizing awareness to work with the entire situation.

  • Wednesday, December 14, 2016 – “Get Permission” – by Sokuzan

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    Sokuzan tells us that getting permission is based on a cooperative situation rather than on our doing something good for someone else based on our own presumptions or preconceptions. Our seeing very clearly what someone is doing or that they are not living their life in a way that is skillful or sane is not permission to interfere but rather a matter of relating to things as they are.

  • Sunday, December 11, 2016 – “Perception Plus” – by Sokuzan

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    In this talk, Sokuzan tells us that when perceiving through the six sense fields, including the mind which also receives thoughts–just like the ear receives sounds–we probably are adding to it. We perceive something, and instead of just the perception, we add our ideas, our thoughts: “I like it; I don’t like it; this is good; I need more of that and less of this.” That will migrate out into our life–what we reach for, what we push away–and our whole life can be just about grasping stuff: “I see it; I want it”‘ rather than “I see it.” Sokuzan continues with talking about how we fundamentally need to stop going to war with ourselves and encourages us to “meditate first. Get your priorities straight. Train your mind.”

  • Wednesday, December 7, 2016 – “When Buddhas Are Truly Buddhas” – by Sokuzan

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    Sokuzan teaches from a line in Genjokoan from Dogen’s Shobogenzo: “When buddhas are truly buddhas they don’t need to perceive that they are buddhas, however, they are enlightened buddhas and they continue actualizing buddhas.” (translation by Shokaku Okumura)

  • Sunday, December 4, 2016 – “Meditation Interview (Deeper Consciousness)” – by Sokuzan

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    A teacher may help a student access deeper levels of consciousness by facilitating regression to another time and place. Exploring in this way, without believing, disbelieving, or shutting down on whatever arises in mind can be a way to work with intense difficulty and ease suffering. Here Sokuzan gives an example of working with deeper consciousness during a meditation interview.