Video Dharma

Video Dharma talks

  • Half-way Measures

    Sokuzan speaks about awareness and how to strengthen it by trying to focus on the space between the beginning of an action and the apparent ending of an action.

  • What is there to talk about?

    Sokuzan speaks on a topic inspired by an email from a student. If we don’t have opinions or positions, if we don’t accept, reject or ignore, what is there to talk about?

  • Dogen: The Mark of Realization

    Sokuzan speaks on questions that arose during daily book study of Dogen’s Shobogenzo.

  • Studying Dharma Books With Sangha

    Sokuzan discusses the value of studying Dharma books in groups. Being exposed to different perceptions of the teachings expressed by others can deepen your own understanding.

  • What Is Personal Contact?

    In response to an email question, Sokuzan discusses personal contact related to dependent origination and the 12 links in the chain of existence.