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  • Wednesday, January 24, 2018 – “Cultural Constructions” – by Sokuzan

    If you really want to see the truth about things, look at the cultural deceptions. The basic misunderstanding of the nature of reality is the assumption that there is someone here who sees someone out there. The sitting practice of meditation as a spiritual path is a way to use attention to observe cultural constructions arise before there is a problem with it.
    Train your mind so that the mind starts to seep out in front of the thought process. If you lead with your awareness, you won’t know what you’re seeing.

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  • Sunday, January 21, 2018 – “Include, Don’t Conclude” – By Sokuzan

    When things arise that you want to get rid of, negative thoughts, emotions feelings… please, give yourself a break and include it. Don’t conclude. Wait awhile. Hold your seat. Look at it. Don’t buy into the thought patterns coming out of your self-centeredness.

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  • Wednesday, January 17, 2018 – “Ego Blinders” – By Sokuzan

    Ego blinders is a way to describe looking for what we want, looking for what we want to find. If you were in a room full of gold and you were blinded by your self-centeredness, you would be looking for what you want to find….you could walk through this whole room of gold and never see the gold because you are so swamped by your own preconceptions about what you think it should be, what you think you really want, what you think is desirous.

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  • Sunday, January 14, 2018 – “It’s Complicated” – By Sokuzan

    Simplify. Sit down. Strike the bell. Hold still, and with the attitude of simplicity allow the complications to arrive. Don’t make it more complicated by trying to control your thoughts. If you really could control your thoughts wouldn’t you just have happy ones?

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  • Wednesday, January 10, 2017 – “Drop Down, Rise Up” – By Sokuzan

    We project that there is thinking up in the head, and fear down in the gut. Drop down, rise up between fretting and worrying. What if you were just in the heart?


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