Video Dharma

Video Dharma talks

  • Statements and Questions

    In this dharma talk, Sokuzan speaks on the ways statements and questions have different qualities.

  • Chained By Concepts

    Sokuzan speaks on how important it is to be aware of how we can use concepts to avoid or manipulate or explain, instead of strengthening our awareness.

  • Not Two

    The ultimate situation, expressed in a relative way, is “not two”. Everything is dependently arisen.

  • Branching Streams Flow In The Darkness . . .

    Sokuzan speaks on Sandokai, an eighth century text written by Soto Zen lineage holder Sekito Kisen, meant to help us understand the nature of our mind and our world.

  • Ministers serve their Lords

    Sokuzan speaks on a passage from the Hokkyo-Zanmai, or Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi.