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  • Don’t Dwell on Past Mistakes

    Don't Dwell on Past Mistakes 3/8/15 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.

    Sokuzan uses the sixth grave precept “No dwelling on past mistakes” as a support to awareness practice in training responsibility rather than blame.

    Wednesday 03-18-2015

  • Be Genuine

    Be Genuine 3/22/15 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.

    The whole of the teachings can be summed up in two words: be genuine. What does it mean for you to be genuine? Find out!

  • The Three Natures 7/16/14

    The Three Natures 7/16/14 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.

    Sokuzan talks about the teaching of The Three Natures: the imaginary nature, the dependently arisen nature, and the perfected nature as three ways of seeing one situation to help us live in a genuine way.

  • Activism Without a Reference Point

    Activism Without a Reference Point 3/15/15 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.

    This Dharma talk arose out of Q and A during Sokuzan’s visit to Traverse City, Michigan in March 2015. Many of the questions that came up were about social activism. Sokuzan encourages us to use the practice of meditation to help us see that taking action does not necessarily require taking a position. (Our camera battery died out before the end of the talk but most of it is here! )

    Sokuzan will visit Traverse City again to lead us in the meditation retreat April 17th and 18th: “What Should I Do?” Sokuzan Talks about Consensus Reality. For more information, refer to the announcement/registration page

  • “The Teaching of Thusness….”

    "The Teaching of Thusness…." 2/22/15 from SokukoJi on Vimeo.

    Sokuzan often refers to The Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi as a way of helping us observe relative truth to see for ourselves what is fundamentally true. On this day Sokuzan talks about the first lines: “The teaching of thusness has been intimately communicated by buddhas and ancestors. Now you have it so keep it well.”